In Georgia, the Attorney General is our top legal officer. That means that her job is to act as a lawyer for all Georgians. 

When exercising the full powers of the office, the Attorney General can touch on almost every part of our day-to-day lives, from defending voting rights, to protecting consumers, to ensuring access to healthcare, to fighting for environmental justice and working to reform the criminal justice system. 

Our current Attorney General hasn’t been looking out for Georgians. Chris Carr has used the office as a political stepping-stone — taking marching orders from moneyed special interests and his party leaders in Washington. His focus on building personal political power has meant that ordinary Georgians have been left behind. Moreover, he’s never meaningfully practiced law.  He’s a partisan political operative, not a lawyer or advocate for people. 

The law can be a powerful tool for justice. Georgia should have an Attorney General with the background to understand how the law can be used to achieve equal justice and create a level playing field for all Georgians. I have the experience to make that happen. 

I’ll be an Attorney General who fights every day for the Georgians who don’t have power, money, or status — for folks who just need a fair shot to get ahead and I’ll be an Attorney General who puts Georgia families first. And, I have the background and experience to make this office a defender of the rights of all Georgians, again. 

Defending the Voting Rights of All Georgians

Our right to vote is under attack. Georgia Republicans responded to 2020’s election results with voter suppression efforts intended to deny equal access to the right to vote to try to keep Democrats from winning future elections. They weren’t shy about spelling that out. That’s why it is more important than ever that our elected officials come into office ready to fight for Georgians’ right to vote. GOP efforts to suppress our right to vote are nothing new. I’ve been fighting to protect voting rights since I became an attorney 20 years ago and that won’t change once I am your Attorney General. I will fight voter suppression and make sure every lawful vote is counted. 

Fighting for Clean Air and Clean Water and for Environmental Justice

Many people don’t realize that the Attorney General can fight to make sure that every Georgian has clean air to breathe and clean water to drink and that illegal emitters of harmful pollutants are stopped. Every person in this state deserves clean water and clear air, regardless of where they live, who they know, or how much money they have. As your Attorney General, I will fight for environmental justice and make sure that environmental laws, regulations, and policies are enforced and implemented fairly regardless of race, color, national origin, or income. 

Reforming the Criminal Justice System

Every person should be equal before the law. Sadly, all too often that isn’t the reality. We have all seen the horrific brutality against Black Americans.  Moreover, the poor and people of color have been disproportionately impacted by over-criminalization of drug offenses that has led to mass incarceration. Our system of justice needs fundamental reform at every level. As our state’s top legal official, the Attorney General can lead on reforms by providing much needed oversight and leadership. As your Attorney General, I will partner and work with law enforcement to strengthen police accountability mechanisms and to build community-led public safety strategies. But let there be no mistake, I will also hold members of law enforcement accountable if they abuse their power.

Strengthening Access to Health Care, Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

Georgians struggle to access healthcare because of both a lack of affordability and a lack of providers. Even while healthcare prices surged, rural hospitals closed, and nearly 1.5 million Georgians went uninsured. While our rural healthcare system dies on the vine, Attorney General Chris Carr has been using the power of his office to attempt to strike down the Affordable Care Act. If the ACA is struck down, millions of Georgians with preexisting conditions will lose protections that give them access to affordable health insurance. I have represented individuals denied coverage for treatments because of pre-existing conditions, and I know the barriers – legal and financial – that Georgians face when they try to fight insurance companies to get the lifesaving treatments that they need. As your Attorney General, I will work every day to strengthen access to affordable healthcare and enforce our laws to make sure that insurance companies don’t put profits over people and can’t take advantage of ordinary Georgians. 

Protecting Consumers and Fighting for Consumer and Economic Justice

For 20 years, I have been fighting to protect consumers from predatory and exploitative practices. Whether it was stopping a big bank from wrongfully foreclosing on a single mother during the Christmas holiday or shutting down payday lenders illegally charging military families 1000% interest, I have been on the front lines and in the courtroom taking on companies that prey on the poor and the elderly. As your Attorney General, fighting for consumer and economic justice will be a priority. 

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